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New VR projector technology that does not block the view

Portalgraph is a novel VR projector technology that projects VR spaces onto screens, opening a portal that connects 'here' with alternate spaces.


Portalgraph for live-action content

Portalgraph is also ideal for displaying live-action content using 360° cameras. Portalgraph can display spaces with depth that cannot be expressed with domed screens.


Even a small screen becomes another space.

Portalgraph on a large screen is fun, but Portalgraph makes it easy to create a different space on a small screen as well.


For Unity Support

Portalgraph-enabled apps can be developed in Unity, which is easy to learn. Simply drag and drop assets into your scene.

Easy to install

All you need is a commercially available 3D projector (we recommend an ultra-short-throw projector), 3D glasses, VIVE tracker, VIVE base station and a PC. Once our software is incorporated, the screen immediately becomes a VR space.


The system also supports 3D with red and blue glasses, so you can also experience it with a regular projector or large monitor that is not 3D.


Corporate Services

From content creation to Portalgraph software licensing and equipment rental, we provide full support for creating an environment for the creation of VR spaces.



スクリーンショット 2023-09-20 12.11.59.png

Contents Production

スクリーンショット 2023-09-20 12.28.56.png

Equipment Rental

Portalgraph Exhibit License
Portalgraph Embedded License
Support license
Three types of licenses are available

We produce

CG/game contents

and VR180 contents.

VIVE Tracker
3D Glasses
Base station
can be rented out.

Services for Non-Commercial Users

If you use Portalgraph in your business, please contact us at for a separate quote.


Inquiry / Request for information

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